Release Date. 27/08/12
Catalogue Number. BDDNL212

The first full release from Parisian duo VISION is an unusual EP. It is, in effect, one very long track broken down into two slightly less long tracks. It’s called “Orbit Motherfucker” – fifteen minutes of driving, four-to-the-floor techno into which the pair pack a host of slippery, shifting electronic grooves, disembodied, ghostly samples, a deep musicality and a rawness and lofi grit which gets under your skin and makes you want to go a little wild. Harking back to techno’s golden era and with more than a hint of Underground Resistance’s uncompromising escape velocity, this is machine funk with the energy of punk.


MP3 (BDDNL212)


16-bit WAV (BDDNL212W)



Orbit Motherfucker (Part 1.0)
Orbit Motherfucker (Part 2.0_Canon)

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