Paris Suit Yourself

Release Date. 04/04/11
Catalogue Number. BDDNL176

Paris Suit Yourself return with the third single from their explosive, divisive debut album, My Main Shitstain. “Sometimes” represents possibly the closest the quartet will ever come to a “straight up” pop single – elements of the Kinks slam up against sixties Motown (though maybe not as straightforwardly as that might make it sound!), Luvinsky Atche drops undertstated, high, clean, beautiful vocals, while Victor Tricard rips through a viciously tuneful guitar solo. It’s all over almost before it’s started, leaving you wanting a little more. Before you hit rewind, there’s more to come. 

Micachu brings her own brand of speaker-blowing madness to the original on her M.A.T.H.E.S. remix, the kind of demented electronic stomp which has established her as one of the few truly original musicians working in London. M.E.S.H. (aka James Whipple) reconfigures the original into a bass-heavy, technoid-dub workout, all phasing pads and fast dancehall rhythms. Victor Tricard, meanwhile, puts down his guitar and takes the tune straight to the nearest rave, building from ambient malice to full on four-to-the-floor freakout (and in the process proving that this is not a band who take themselves too seriously, but just seriously enough). 

That’s it – listen and enjoy. Oh, and if you cite Muse as one of your favourite bands and you’ve copped your haircut off Justin Bieber then you’re probably not going to like this and your review won’t be worth the toilet paper it’s written on. Maybe your time would be better spent writing your college essay, child..? As for the rest of you, enjoy!


MP3 (BDDNL176)


16-bit WAV (BDDNL176)



Sometimes (Clean Original)
Sometimes (Micachu's M.A.T.H.E.S Remix)
Sometimes (M.E.S.H. Remix)
Sometimes (Victor Tricard Remix)

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