Morgan Freeman's Psychedelic Semen
Infinite Livez

Release Date. 19/05/08
Catalogue Number. BD119

Multi-coloured, sticky, bursting with tiny fertile tadpoles, vaguely cosmic and yet funny when smeared in inappropriate places, a new album from Infinite Livez is always a reason to cum in your own pants. Even if you are a major Hollywood star.

Extracted live in single takes in a fertility clinic in Geneva’s renowned sperm banking district, 'MFPS' sees Doctor Livez once again making beautiful music with jazz-glitch Europeans and matinee idols Pierre Audetat and Christophe Calpini, plus special guest emissions from the remarkable Joy Frempong and DJ Tendraw.

Drawn from a DNA pool so confused and mysterious that it’s best not to look for antecedents, this is the sound of William Blake wanking over a jazz mag while old-skool Dadaists form a guard of honour and fire great fountains of vanilla flavoured milkshake into the sky. Sort of.

Anyway, we think it’s the best record you’ve ever been amused by and scared of in equal measure. If you don’t get it we don’t get you and only Hell awaits your rotting corpse.


CD+MP3 (BDCD119)


MP3 (BDDNL119)


16-bit WAV (BDDNL119W)



Hoxton Smoothie
Man Machine
On Illusion - Infinite Livez feat. DJ Tendraw
Slack Babbath - Infinite Livez feat. Joy Frempong
Clapped Out Datsun
LOL To The Depths Of Hell - Infinite Livez feat. DJ Tendraw
Public Ultra Image Magnetic
I Was A Saddam Body Double pt.2
Brand New Datsun
Track Ten - Infinite Livez feat. Joy Frempong
Swaggamuffin - Infinite Livez feat. Joy Frempong

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