Get Ready VIP
Congo Natty

Release Date. 14/10/13
Catalogue Number. BDDNL234

Congo Natty returns with this fattened out, thickened up, ultra-energised version of what was probably the sunniest, most carefree moment from the critically-acclaimed Jungle Revolution album. With the amazing Nanci Correia joined on chorus duties by Phoebe Irondread Hibbert adding an extra verse and Rebel MC himself weighing in with adlibs as well as his opening verse.

This tune rolls out with all the world crushing elan of a genuine celebration - raw, full of energy, of joy and anger both. Believe!


MP3 (BDDNL234)


16-bit WAV (BDDNL234W)



Get Ready VIP - Congo Natty Featuring Nanci Correia, Daddy Freddy, Phoebe "Irondread" Hibbert
Get Ready VIP (Om Unit Remix) - Congo Natty Featuring Nanci Correia, Daddy Freddy, Phoebe "Irondread" Hibbert
Get Ready VIP (Serum And Northern Lights Remix) - Congo Natty Featuring Nanci Correia, Daddy Freddy & Phoebe "Irondread" Hibbert
Nu Beginningz (RSD Remix)

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