Posted: 20th February

The Gospel According To Blabbacon

It's centuries on centuries of struggle lined up like dominoes; big monolith sized dominoes 'bout to slam and shatter. It's not about good and evil, it's not about the pure and the soiled nor the just vs. the unjust. No children, it's about pretty vs. ugly. Eons of struggle are about to culminate right up the street on Gun Hill Road. History is recorded in the nappy computer... Booty begat Beauty begat Pain begat The Touched Lungs begat Slender begat The Nutz begat the Moisties begat the Rugged Ruggeds begat Boom. Boom had five daughters and five sons. When all were grown they scattered across the earth and established 10 kingdoms. These rulers called themselves The Cons. Over time, as the title of Con was passed down, it began to represent the people of those kingdoms. The kingdoms took on their own Identities. The Cons turned against each other and all but two were wiped out; The Infesticons and The Majesticons. The Infesticons were a Spartan people interested in ideas and the content of their minds. The Majesticons were fascinated with their own exterior and developed a hierarchy based on one's sense of style. Over time, the two kingdoms' war of attrition exhausted both sides. They both collapsed and their people dissipated into the expanse of the planet. Fast Forward Millennia: High up in Yonkers in the late '80s, an inverse aesthete and rap mogul to be, Poof Na Na convinced his smart friend in High School to build him a set of robots that would transform the world into a jiggy man's paradise. The smart friend, Ignor, a descendant of a Majesticon, had discovered the ancient text of the Con. He programmed the robots with secret knowledge of Flydom. The robots were built and delivered but sadly, soon forgotten. Poof Na Na went off to Howard University and later, of course, to stardom. More than a decade later, Mr Na Na's moms was back at the old homestead cleaning out the basement. She threw out the useless looking robots. When they landed in the trash, they were accidentally and unceremoniously turned on. The Robots were activated and set out to fulfil their mission. First objective: Jiggify the five Boroughs. Only a few knew of the impending doom. In the crevasses of the North Bronx lurked a secret order of Infesticons. For generations they had fought to combat Jiggyness and Glamifacation with truth and the essence of the regular cat. Now they faced the ultimate challenge. The Battle for Gun Hill Road. This is a recording of the brutal fight. Majesticon Allies - Nostalgicons: A crew in downtown Manhattan that thinks every thing From the 70s & 80s was cool no matter how bad it sucked at the time. The JiggiDons: The Record Exec Secret Society. Infesticons Allies - Rejecticons: Kids that caught shit in grade school, did well with software but stayed cool (could Bill Gates be a Rejecticon? Probably not.) Eclecticons: People down for a lot of different styles. Instructicons: The ancient leaders of an ancient order of "regular guys" Neutrals- Domesticons: Citizens Arresticons: Cops Inspecticons: Detectives Blabbacon: Story teller Add any other crew, group or species that fits your mission.

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Posted: 16th February

On The Road (Again...)

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Posted: 22nd March

Track By Track

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Posted: 1st June

Infesticons Load Down

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Posted: 15th November

Infesticon Warning

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Posted: 21st December


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Posted: 29th July

Ten Tunes

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Posted: 28th January

Party On...

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