Posted: 14th February

Paris Suit Yourself – 'My Main Shitstain' Out Today

The simply astonishing 'My Main Shitstain,' the debut album from Paris Suit Yourself, is finally out today. Gary Mulholland said it much better on the BBC's site last week than we ever could. 'They are amused, angry, irreverent and unfocussed, as things called art-rock, punk and indie used to be by default, once upon a time. And when they hit you with a big, dumb, impatient, and genuinely funny rave-up like Lost My Girl you feel dead grateful that bands who defy logic do still exist.'  

You can hear the album for yourself from today, and the 320kbps MP3s are only a fiver on the Ninja shop. Get them here and Amazon UK MP3 have a free download of 'Sometimes' here (UK only).

Posted: 29th September

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Posted: 16th December

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