Posted: 7th June

New Flesh – Divine Intervention

New Flesh release the single 'Eye Of The Hurricane' on August 16th to promote their debut album, now titled 'Equilibrium,' which will come out on Big Dada on September 13th.

The single features an awesome remix from genuine West Coast legend Divine Styler - pioneer of dense, metaphorical science raps, Muslim activist and futurebeat maker. The Styler is currently hot after his recent collaboration with DJ Shadow for the Quannum album. Here at Big Dada we loved him anyway. Check.

Posted: 7th December

Big Dada Debut

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Posted: 6th January

New Year, New Flesh

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Posted: 8th June

Old Flesh For New...

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Posted: 14th July

TV Dada

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Posted: 17th August

Webbed Feats

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