Posted: 29th March

Neotropic & Doesone Special

SHOWCASEDOSEONE (cLOUDDEAD) with NEOTROPIC (Ntone) Wednesday April 4th @ The Strongrooms, London

On Wednesday April 4th, Big Dada and Ntone combine to create a unique musical experience. The Strongrooms Bar, Curtain Road, EC1, will play host to a collaboration between renowned US MC Doseone (of cLOUDDEAD) and electronic-folk-imploder Riz Maslen (Neotropic).

Doseone (along with fellow cLOUDDEAD members why? and Odd Nosdam) is a leading light in the Bay Area-based Anticon collective. Due to projects like Deep Puddle Dynamics and Them, Anticon are one of the most hotly-tipped underground crews in the US. Through the distinctiveness of their music as well as innovative use of the internet, they have gained an international reputation with only the most rudimentary of distribution networks. Dose himself has been described by leading West Coast magazine Urb as as "an artist who may turn out to be one of our generation's most important." The cLOUDDEAD album will be released on Big Dada on May 8th and is a unique piece of music which almost defies description. This isn't hip hop like you've heard it before.

Riz Maslen's career at the cutting edge of contemporary music takes in early collaborations with FSOL, a stint in The Beloved and two critically acclaimed albums for Ntone as Neotropic. Her third Neotropic album, 'La Prochaine Fois', is due out on Ntone on June 4th. A development and departure from her previous work, the record features Nick McCabe (formerly of The Verve) on guitar and a move away from pure electronica to a more organic, earthy approach.

The artists' collaboration was born out of mutual respect and interest in each others' work and the two will perform together at Ninja's XEN SOLID STEEL nights across Europe.

The night at the Strongrooms, however, looks likely to be their only UK date working together. Doseone is not, as has been advertised, performing at Nesh the following week - he will be in Europe!

To make the event extra special, entry to the show will be free. The venue only holds around 100 people so you're advised to arrive early if you want to get in and even earlier if you want to see anything!

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