Posted: 15th March

Meals On Wheels Of Steel Tour

The moment has come!

Kid Koala [and band], DJ Food [Strictly Kev] and Amon Tobin kick off the latest and possibly greatest Ninja Tune tour tommorrow - starting in Hull and travelling round the UK then on to Europe in April and North America in May. Kid Koala's show consists of several of his short but amazing turntablist show-stoppers interspersed with live jams of tracks from the 'Carpal...' album with his band [Bullfrog]. The marsupial one will be reprising the routine he showed off in the autumn on the 'Pirate TV' tour, plus a first-ever, live version of the seminal cassette thing, 'Scratchratchratch'. DJ Food's set is a 'Kaleidoscopic' [sorry] re-creation/elaboration of tracks from their forthcoming album. The UK and US get Strictly Kev, Europe gets PC. Both will be slamming in a clever kinda way. Amon Tobin will be completing the bill, offering the very finest in dark, twisted and frankly hatstand rhythm and stew. His album, 'Supermodified', is out in May, so expect some exclusives from that and other eardrum-collpasing treats. See list of dates below.

Posted: 1st April

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