Posted: 15th November

Infesticon Warning

Battle will be rejoined tonight in New York when the Infesticons descend on the Knitting Factory to fuck art-rap and generally duff up the Majesticons. We would have told you earlier but we didn't know, but expect Mr Ladd to continue his series of high-octane punk antics and generally drink too much and fling himself around a little. It's all in a good cause, after all.

The second album of the Infesticons series is expected to drop next autumn/fall, but be ready for a surprise - it may not be by the Infesticons. Think of "The Empire Strikes Back" for your clue as to who will be in charge this time...

Posted: 8th February


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Posted: 16th February

On The Road (Again...)

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Posted: 22nd March

Track By Track

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Posted: 1st June

Infesticons Load Down

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Posted: 21st December


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Posted: 29th July

Ten Tunes

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Posted: 28th January

Party On...

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