Posted: 22nd March

Gun Hill Road – Track By Track

So, it's all in and mastered and ready to go. 'Gun Hill Road' is a 'Trout Mask Replica' for the hip hop generation, a vertiginous, funny-stinky work of heart that slices through three decades of popular music, takes the pieces and puts them back together all wrong. It smells bad. It really does.

Unfortunately we can't let you hear it yet (not yet, not yet). So for now you'll have to struggle through with our track-by-track guide to the record.

We would like to point out that Mike Ladd has nothing to do with this interpretation. His cursory and hurtful response is printed in red.

Being the type of Corporate yes man that I am I'd just like to say I'm feeling it allespecially this bug Coca-Cola kilbassa in my mouf

CINDERELLA THEME YAZEED, GOLDEN CHILD & MIKE LADD Introduced by Blabbacon the Storyteller, Cinderella Theme sets the scene before melting down into a straight out rap attack courtesy of Yazeed, Golden Child and Mr Ladd. They double-time, they score. What exactly do you mean by double time?

HERO THEME INFESTICON #0 The Infesticon fight song gets the troops funked up ready for the coming battle. Based around a chorus hook of heroically cheesey rave and a little Bollywood squiggle, Infesticon #0 gives the epic a little spice: "my beats is like molasses/ sweet and slow like Jackie Onassis with Alzheimers".

oooohwee! say word! CAVE THEME BMS & DANA BMS (of Indelible MCs fame) runs his lyrics up against the pure, operatic sound of Dana's voice. Imagine if the Wu actually followed through on the promise of emotional depth their music sometimes hints at... Imagine if Kiri Te Kanawa was down. Imagine if someone made giant and rather beauitiful sculptures from the boogers you hid down the back of the sofa when you were a kid. Deep and... erm, odd.

Mmmm Booger in the back of the sofa PRECIOUS THEME CREATURE, CANAAN aka ABDUL MILTON & MIKE LADD aka CRAIG ALLEN "I'm not a bohemian stuck on some avant garde shit/ or a ghetto vulture raping Tupac and Biggie's carcass" - Creature. Ouch. Ridiculously funked up electric bass and rhymes being spat all over the bloody shop. Leap around the room and feel your sinews crack. Some Trojan Wars rhyming for tomorrow's all Greek.

Creature has the best line on the record QUARTERBACK THEME BEANS & PRIEST Anti-Pop in the huddle - a place where E.S.G. meet pure mathematics and sports strategy (don't for a moment believe those numbers are random). Sweet, offcentred slofunk to keep you counting.

It's starting to feel like I'm reading copy from a clothing catalogue for over 40s white women GRINDER THEME muMs An introduction that constantly cuts back across itself is finally ground into the dust by the muMsicon. Guitar stabs and a modulating, toilet-filling basstone meet granite lyrics.

muMs has the best track on the record TIGER THEME ERIK M.O. & INFESTICON #0 Rocky Balboa is drafted into the fight. Viva la Knuckleheadicons!

SHAMPOO THEME MAJESTICON 69 & DANA The Majesticons chill out in the lounge and get their rocks off. Kenny Gee, Celine Dion, pink cocaine in a cognac glass, gun-clapping crews in high heeled shoes. Everything you ever needed to know about Majestic likes and wants. Plus some twinkly music and an Infesticon attack. Mmmmm 40 year old white women... CHASE THEME ROB SMITHThe Sonic Sum wordsman rides a 5/4 garage punkster of a beat all the way over the brow of the hill, splattering the Majestic beneath his wheels. Abstract rock out for all poet dem.

FIGURINE THEME LIZA JESSIE PETERSON Some offcentre psychedelic funk shiznit featuring Ms Peterson, whose raps leap like salmon. Strangely beautiful and beautifully deranged.

CHURCH THEME PASTORCONEcclesiastical blues, Pastorcon wailing from the pulpit while the ghosts of Pete Cosie and Reggie Lucas wrap everything tight in guitar licks: "If God don't love ugly..."

MONKEY THEME SAUL WILLIAMS We seem to have moved backwards from 1972, Saul finding himself running his voice up against the Doors acoocoocachoo. Nouveau sixties hip hop from the zoo.

NIGHT NIGHT THEME INFESTICON #.01, MADASHELLICON, INFESTICON #0CoFlow and the Ladd meet on a deep hardcore funk superhero disco spaghetti western number and finally put the Majesticons to bed. Yes, it's nineteen shots to the torso. That'll teach the little bastards...

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