Posted: 27th December

Chart-er 99

Big seasonal greetings from all at the Dada. Thanks for all the support in 1999 and hold tight for a huge year in 2000. If only half the things we're planning come off, it'll stun you. Anyway, as a Christmas gift of sorts, please feel free to peruse our charts of 1999 and Tips For 2000, below...

(There may be more to follow, but this should keep you going for now...)

Roots Manuva's Top Ten Anythings 1999

1. Skitz & Rodney P, 'Dedicated' 2. New Flesh For Old, 'Eye Of The Hurricane' 3. Bury Cru, 'Da Blues' 4. Krispy, 'Trade Study' 5. Shinehead, 'Billy Jean' 6. Task Force, 'New Mic Order' 7. Lee Scratch Perry, 'Arkology' 8. The Beatnuts, 'Shacaboom' 9. Dr Dre, 'Still Dre' 10. Mr Dandy's large chips with 4 spicy wings

Juice Aleem's Top Ten Comics 1999 1. Daredevil (Marvel Knights) 2. Black Panther (Marvel Knights) 3. Hell And Back: Sin City (Dark Horse) 4. Minimum Wage (Fantographics) 5. Earth X (Marvel) 6. Quantum & Woody (Aklaim) 7. Blade Of The Immortal (Dark Horse/Manga) 8. Concrete (Dark Horse) 9. Any 'Love And Rockets' comic (Fantographic) 10. Any X-Rated stuff/Faust

Juice Aleem's Top Six Records 1999 1. Divine Styler, 'Directrix: Word Power Volume 2' (DTX) 2. Roots Manuva, 'Brand New Second Hand' (Big Dada) 3. Mansun, 'Six' (Parlophone) 4. Sizzla, 'Royal Son of Ethiopa' (Greensleeves) 5. Blur, '13' 6. Orisha's, 'Alo Cubano' (Kayo Hueso/Chrysalis)

Part 2's Top Ten Records 1999 1. Divine Styler, 'Directrix: Word Power Volume 2' (DTX) 2. Roots Manuva, 'Brand New Second Hand' (Big Dada) 3. Pharoahe Monch, 'Simon Says' (Rawkus) 4. Mike Ladd, 'Welcome To The Afterfuture' (Ozone LP) 5. Various, '10,000 Men Strong: Theology Of Rhyme' 6. Rahzel, 'All I Know' (Universal) 7. Cappo, 'Cap 3000' (Son) 8. Various, 'Fortified Stereophonic' (Vapors) 9. Underwolves, 'Under My Sky' Divine Styler Remix (Island Blue) 10. Fraudulent Movements, 'Schism' (Fraudulent Movements Productions)

Some ideas for a 1999 mixtape with no Big Dada and in no particular order (courtesy of Will Ashon): Silent Poets, 'Kawamata Stee' Roots Manuva remix & revocal (Toy's Factory).OD featuring Freestyle Fellowship, 'Can You Feel The Level Of Difficulty In This?' (Celestial).M Sayyid, 'AT&T Wireless' (Tri-Pinnacle Anti-Pop Consortium white).Abzent Minded featuring A-Cyanide, 'Capital L City' (from 'If It's Not 100% UK Hip Hop You Can Have Your Money Back!', SSR).Paul Elliott, 'Word Sound Power' (Redbridge).IG Culture v. J88 (Groove Attack).Khromozome Project featuring Germ, 'Total Blackout' (Ozone).Company Flow, 'Gigapet Epiphany' (Rawkus).Part 2, 'Metal Giants' (Vapours).Grandmaster Flash, 'The Message' - Roots Manuva remix (from 'Still/The Joint - Sugar Hill Remixed', Castle Music).Lord Aleem 'back of the knees' freestyle on Westwood, 1FM, (15.10.99?)Aspects, 'Chinese Burns' (Hombre)TTC, 'Game Over '99' (Cro2-ozome)Blu Rum 13, 'Off On Tangents Often' (Blu Rum Music promo)Mike Ladd, 'Feb 4 '99 [For All Those Killed By The Cops]' (Ozone)Rubberoom, 'Architechnology Nine' (Indus)Gamma, 'Mic Blaze' (from 'The Experiment', Cipher Recordings)Joseph Cotton, 'Give Them Back Their Guns' (Greensleeves)Def Tex, 'Synchronise' (Son)


Part 2: 1. Gamma 2. The Reptiles 3. The Planets 4. Toastie Tailor

Juice Aleem: Don't drink the water

Roots Manuva: Save energy by switching off all your lights. Take part in monthly bouts of world-wide civil unrest.

Posted: 15th November

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Posted: 15th November

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