New Flesh

Named after a line in David Cronenbourg's "Videodrome," New Flesh (or New Flesh For Old) have existed since the early nineties. As a loose collective of artists they have consistently shocked and surprised with the music they have made, earning their tag as "one of the maddest and best Brit crews" (DJ magazine). The key members of New Flesh are Part 2 (Keith Hopewell), Toastie Tailor (Garvin Edwards) and Juice Aleem. Their three albums on Big Dada are "Equilibrium" (1999), "Understanding" (2002) and "Universally Dirty" (2006). Part 2 and Juice Aleem both also produced solo albums for Big Dada. Consistently ahead of their time, the band's work has been wildly influential and a byword for futurism within UK hip hop.